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September 12, 2017

Mapping data

Hand-drawing a map of the world from memory under time constraint is hard…

Greatest Of All Time

http://www.tenniscanada.com/6-reasons-why-djokovic-will-break-federers-grand-slam-record/ My friend and I keep fighting for the candidate for the greatest tennis player of all time. Usually I keep convincing him that Nadal will eventually surpass Federer and he keeps denying the possibility. Recently I came across a… Continue Reading →

This is the beginning of my first viz painting, where I tracked which body movements I used to open doors in one day.

Who I Was With

September 12, 2017 A personal data visualization keeping track of the people who I considered to be ‘with’ throughout the day. My day began with attending CAMPFest with a friend. During the middle of the show, my friend had to… Continue Reading →

Napoleon’s Russian Campaign

Though I am fairly new to the world of information visualization, this is my favourite visualization. Charles Minard skillfully encodes 6 types of information in this seemly simple illustration. (# of Napoleon’s troops, distance, temperature, ¬†latitude and longitude, direction, and… Continue Reading →

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