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100 Years of Typewriters (Inside a Type-Written Sheet of Paper)

What I find data vis to be really useful for is to see evolution of something over time. This is one such thing. A 100 years of typewriters are no joke. Cool to see how we have traveled to the… Continue Reading →

Chart Junk?

Chart junk is an extra visual component that is added to the core of a data visualization. Usually, it is considered useless and even crowding the visual. However, sometimes it can help for people to remember some details about the… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Color Scheme (Color Brewer)

Working in info vis, I found Color Brewer to be a helpful tool to find colour schemes for a visualizations. It even helps find colour-blindness-friendly colors. Source: https://www.wired.com/2014/10/cindy-brewer-map-design/ Site: http://colorbrewer2.org/#type=sequential&scheme=BuGn&n=3

Mascara Wands

Types of wands that give different effects on eyelashes. Sometimes you can tell by looking at the wand’s shape what effect it will have on your lashes. Source: http://www.thebeautysnoop.com/2014/09/mascara-wands-shapes-and-types.html    

School Lunch Around (Some Parts of) the World

This is a nice way of showing what lunch looks like around the world. Easy to pick and choose what you would eat out of each (some or all of it???). Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-2957301/What-school-lunches-look-like-world.html

Good Job! Stickers

This is not my sticker collection, but I collected the “Good Job” stickers that I would get on assignments in school as a kid. Ever since I became a TA, I thought about putting them on assignments, but never did!… Continue Reading →

Travelling Stamps From Somewhere to You

This is not my postage stamp collection, but I like collecting stamps as well. There is something cool about saving a piece of something that was once somewhere else. They visually speak a lot about the history, art-style, colour preferences… Continue Reading →

Passport Stamps

These passport stamps are an easy, colourful, an fun way to determine times and places where the person has been. Most of all, these are very visual and symbolic! Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/430586414344213546/

Not an Info Vis!

This is definitely not an info vis, but looking at it made me think that this would be something that I would want to use to make one! It looks too yummy 

Zodiac Constellations

Stars based on zodiac signs. Very insightful way to convey zodiac in regards to astrology. Source: http://cf.ltkcdn.net/horoscopes/images/slide/55033-705×800-SS-symbol-7.jpg


The start constellations for a 31 day cycle. Hard to read the vis, but weird how (night-time) land looks kind of like this from planes. Source: https://onthebrinkofdiscovery.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/31-days-of-fall-fun-stargazing/comment-page-1/

The 7 Dwarfs

Indicates the details of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs. Authored by Fred Moore, the original animator, this chart makes points about how to draw them and what to avoid. The original names list included over 40 dwarfs! Source: https://www.disneyavenue.com/2017/04/disneys-folly-making-of-snow-white.html

Disney Princess Origins

Location-based visual representing Disney Princess origins. As someone who dressed up as them for Halloween as a kid, Very enticing. Source: http://www.dorkly.com/post/74007/holy-turd-you-guys-its-16-disney-princess-infographics

Currency Symbols

Some currency symbols. Cool that most of them have some time of strikes going through them. Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-so-many-currency-symbols-have-strikethroughs-in-them-for-example-%C2%A3-%E2%82%AC-and-%E2%82%B9

Braid Styles

Different kinds of braiding styles. Easy to pick and choose before trying! Source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/50/3e/b0/503eb05b31813c85452eebca8f3000ad–pretty-braids-beautiful-braids.jpg

Olympics InfoVis

This depicts Rio Olympics- related information. I think it’s cool that they used the ever-iconic five rings to associate the information with the organization. Source: https://www.eca-international.com/insights/blog/august-2016/infographic-2016-rio-olympics

Football/Soccer World Player Ratings by Vote

Football (FIFA World Cup) is the only sport that I follow closely, so found this pretty interesting. This is based on votes on Footballtop.com, and I don’t necessarily personally agree with this standing! Source: https://easel.ly/blog/10-sports-infographics-that-score-big-points/

Air Mattresses to a 10 Billion Dollar Company (Airbnb)

This one was of personal interest to me since I have been developing a project with Calgary Airbnb data. It is really cool how this company started and this infographic depicts that in a visual timeline.

Homo sapien Brain Evolution

I found this to be a very simple yet informative vis. I once read somewhere that the shape of our brains evolved once we started cooking our food. Not sure if that is the case or not, but this reminded… Continue Reading →

Arduino Fritzing Diagram

This was a diagram that I submitted as part of an assignment in a previous course. This depicts the wiring that I did for a “hello world” Arduino project that made use of an LCD screen, LED lights, push buttons,… Continue Reading →

The Story of Rabbits in Australia (Arduino Info Vis)

This is a picture of a physical info vis project that my group-mate and I made. It was powered by Arduino. It depicts the story of how rabbits were introduced into Australia. The introduction of rabbits into the island nation… Continue Reading →

Zooids Swarm (ie. Little Robots that Come Together)

I found the swarm info vis to be really interesting especially since it is also an intractable physical interface. It is exciting to think that these little robots come together to form visualizations and perform other tasks. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVdAfDMP3m0

How to Floss Your Teeth Vis

This is a very applicable vis. Something like this is often used by dental offices to visually inform their patients. I like how they have the two sections (holding the floss and using it on your teeth). Source: http://www.oralhealthtexas.org/Oral%20Care.html

Female Hairstyles Through Time

Cool vis that shows how hair has morphed over the past 100 years. Simple timeline with shadows. Interesting that they included the eyebrows, but nothing else! Source: http://68.media.tumblr.com/2f6e21955e04628de0acfa7c7e22cbb9/tumblr_ncrix0MPk51qihh0eo1_1280.jpg

Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Average 30 Year Old

This is an interesting infographic. The only actual info vis thing about it is the (half of the) face of Mark Zuckerberg himself, and also that the facts are placed opposite to each other. Nothing else visually relays any information…. Continue Reading →

Zoo Map Infographic

This is a map of the Chicago zoo. Over other zoo maps, this one has an emphasis on the pictures of the animals. This is very efficient in conveying information about the location of the animals. Reference: https://www.czs.org/zoomap

10 Companies That Own All of Our Food

This is an impactful visualization that compartmentalizes our food into these 10 major brands. The logos definitely help! Source: https://money.good.is/articles/food-brands-owners?utm_content=buffer478c5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer  

A Visualization that You Actually Want to Look At!

I find myself looking at cooking videos in my free time because I like looking at food! This is a clever way of talking about food-based information visualization without it becoming chart junk because the food is not supplementary to… Continue Reading →

There is a crazy resemblance to this Shaman and my Emissions project although I never put the two together, that I’ve made these kind of climate change Shaman costumes until yesterday.

Sheila Hicks. Colour scale texture

A piece I finished this year called The Wrestler

I like the mixture of texture and scale

Here is a large painting I finished in September.

Wear and Tear

Source A heatmap of the wear and tear of a steam controller overlayed as a texture to be passed through a shader. I think it’s a sweet idea to actually overlay the information on top of the actual item itself…. Continue Reading →

Photo by Thibaut Poirier. What I would give to spend a week here.

Time Animation

(http://www.pewresearch.org/files/2014/04/847889448.gif) This chart animates the amount of population by age group as the coming years would show it. I think it’s interesting how older females will become so dominant in the coming years for the US.

Differences in the Great Minds

(https://podio.com/site/creative-routines) This site describes some of the greatest people who’ve ever lived, and what their patterns were in terms of living. Many of them have different tasks that they do, but personally I find that completely reasonable and normal. I… Continue Reading →

Disease to Vaccine

(http://www.randalolson.com/wp-content/uploads/wsj-polio-dataviz.png) I find this visualization extremely interesting, but also possibly confusing. I’m going off the assumption that the colors are representative of the number of people with Polio. I wonder how some places managed to go from a very dark… Continue Reading →

Lines to Airplane Paths

(https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e3/99/47/e399479055f6099d77b76bb57d7fac63–data-visualization-visualisation.jpg) Lately, there’s been talk at the lab about creating a 3D map that can show airplane paths, with moving airplanes and time stamps attached. This visualizations reminds me of that, but also reminds me of how difficult and crazy… Continue Reading →


(http://blog.visme.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/data-visualization.jpg) I keep coming across this image when I’m looking for data visualizations for my visual journal, and I finally decided to make a comment on it. The wording represents that I should be seeing something amazing if I continue… Continue Reading →

Absolute Mess

(http://informationandvisualization.de/files/graph.jpg) This information visualization is such a mess, but it is a problem that I have in terms of representing text in any info vis. Do you show it all but have it extremely crowded? Or do you change it… Continue Reading →


(https://morphocode.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/urban-visualization-pluto.jpg) I actually found this visualizations extremely cool. They did a good job incorporating the use of color to help understand height, which is important when looking at a visualization such at this. However, I always have such issues using… Continue Reading →

3D Visualizations gone wrong

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYAKcXJ9Ask&feature=youtu.be) While I think that this visualization is very well done, I think that they are missing a lot of details to help the user identify what they are working on, as well as a not-so-great interface for users. It… Continue Reading →

Meta 2

(http://www.metavision.com/) I was told today that my lab received a new toy called the Meta 2. Pretty much, it is a tethered augmented reality device. However, I’m really excited to work with it because of the possibilities it presents that… Continue Reading →

Confusing but clear?

(https://cdn.business2community.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/China-US-infographic-lede.jpeg) To me, this visualization describes a lot of data, but doesn’t clearly state what it is other than at some very specific points. While the colors make it very clear which country has which values, it’s useless unless the… Continue Reading →

Physical Bar Charts

(http://www.aviz.fr/wiki/uploads/Research/phys2.png) I know earlier this semester Lora talked about physical bar charts and such, and to this day I find them interesting to play with, not informative whatsoever. While you do get to actually feel your visualization, it doesn’t give… Continue Reading →

People into Country

(https://www.mindjet.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2012/12/Demographics-101-Visualizations-from-the-US-Census-Bureau1.jpg) While this image doesn’t actually represent any numerical data, I found it very interesting that they created the US out of people. It was an interesting concept to me that people are the country.

Fortnite Victory

I was playing a new game this weekend called Fortnite and it was actually relatively interesting to see how hard I tried to get first place. While the graphics of it are lacking compared to some FPS games, it uses… Continue Reading →

Physical Tokens

Source Came second place is an “information is beautiful” awards competition. These discs detail the visual deconstruction of the space odyssey.


Source A graph showing the trend in which ~70% of bitcoins have stagnated for at least 6 months. It shows an interesting behaviour of users wanting to hold onto their coins in hopes of the price going up. People are… Continue Reading →

I like the integration here

visualizing “presence” in online discussions

My master’s thesis involved applying the Community of Inquiry framework to code discussion posts by 3 presences as indicated in the content of each post: “Teaching Presence”, “Social Presence” and “Cognitive Presence”. Here’s a view of a semester’s posts, some… Continue Reading →

closer to home

Choropleths or Data Maps (Tufte) are great at displaying a ton of information in a condensed format.  Following Graphical Excellence we can keep the data coherent by not changing the scale or representation we can maintain the mental model of… Continue Reading →

ikea ball pit – not quite

When I first saw this visualization, I was automatically reminded of the IKEA ball pits.  I remember my parents dropping me off in this area while they went shopping.  Goes to show you how long its’ been around.  Back to… Continue Reading →

states and stacked bars

In keeping with today’s current theme, here is a state wide (USA) listing of all major league world series.  I feel like this is actually an interesting way of representing state wide data.  Can fit quite a bit in this… Continue Reading →

arcs and lines and fun stuff

Recently, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around visualizations involving multiple dimensions of data and geospatial information.  This visualization in combination with the one I posted yesterday, had given me an idea!  Ideas are good, right? Thinking rather than… Continue Reading →

Playrooms x BYBORRE

December 5 Visualizing the party at a night club with connected sensors for the attendees.

visualizing discussion threads

For my master’s thesis, I compared online discussions in a graduate education course, some hosted in Blackboard (before we switched to D2L), some in WordPress (which is still going strong – this class site is running on it). Part of… Continue Reading →

Sheila Hicks

Rush Hour

Source Another gps coordinate visualization, however in this one, it shows the change in gps coordinates over time. Here you are able to get so much more information than if it was a still image. For example, congestion of the… Continue Reading →

World Flags by Colours

Source I like how this is a tree graph which can easily be sectioned into multiple different graphs. For example, each subgroup of flags is essentially its own graph. There is no conditional dependencies present, yet the visualization makes it… Continue Reading →

Swim Training in Kona

Source A heatmap showing the swimming routes of athletes in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships. Here you can clearly see the outline of the turnaround point of the buoy. Additionally, you get a sense of the tidal movements based… Continue Reading →

No Idea What This Is

Source I’m going to be honest here and admit that I really don’t understand what is going on in this visualization. Something to do with delamination of metal. However, I feel like if I did know what it was showing,… Continue Reading →

Facebook Messages

Source Some of the others might appreciate this vis a bit more than myself, but it is useful nonetheless. This visualization shows a woman, and her facebook messaging habits with her friends. Each column is its own conversation with a… Continue Reading →

Lab Hierarchy

Taken from our lab, this video shows the members of the lab and the number of monitors they have. It’s kind of a running joke in our lab that the more important you are, the more monitors you possess. Because… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Data Sketches

Source Pulled from a blog about the process of learning Tableau. The author goes into detail about how it isn’t an exact science, and artistic freedom is required. Here, he shows a data sketch he made showcasing what he thought… Continue Reading →

Here’s Johnny

Source A breakdown of the colour palette for each scene that took place indoors in the shining. Whats interesting about this vis is the use of colour in the film. Dull, saturated colours are normal scenes, however whenever something supernatural… Continue Reading →

The Design Process

Source How about a visualization about a visualization? Here is gif showing the design process from a map to a visualization indicating the travel times and distances of ISIS fighters to and from the territories of the Caliphate. As you can… Continue Reading →

Ball of Yarn

Here’s a visualization that I’m sure has it’s application.  However, to me, this is a poor choice of visualization for the data (which is not actually indicated) . It looks like a ball of yarn .

TFL Bus Routes

Quote from the author (re: youtube) – live position data of the buses traveling through TFL.  Lines represent routes with each individual dot representing the bus.  Topographic sort of view is extended to make viewing a bit easier, but in… Continue Reading →

Diverse Rats

Source Using a geo-spatial map, as well as a migration rate heat map, Scientists were able to identify two distinct rat types in New York City. Upon further investigation, they discovered that these two rats were actually separate enough in… Continue Reading →

In Flanders Fields…

Each poppy is representative of a war within the last century that had atleast 10,000 deaths. The stem grows from the year in which the war started and flowers/blooms when the war ended.  The size of the poppy is representative… Continue Reading →

Another Deep Learning Vis

Source Another visualization of deep learning. These are actual pixels being used instead of nodes. The clusters are based on how they have been related via the algorithm.

Cool Map Visualization

If I had more time on my current visualization, this would be the next sort of visualization I would consider creating.  I created similar sketches to this at the beginning of finding this current dataset – it fits well with… Continue Reading →

Energy Subsidization

Source My Father is a very passionate independent researcher when it comes to global warming. He’ll read tons and tons and tons of books, journals, TED talks, etc. despite having never finished high school. I showed him this, and in… Continue Reading →

ELO Ratings

Source As someone who is terrible at chess, this is a sweet visualization showing the top rated players since 1809. Not only can you see some competition between players, you are able to see trends in how players get better… Continue Reading →

Love/Hate Relationships

Source A polarizing cloud of the things people love/hate. This graph could be normally represented as a simple bar chart, however, by aggregating all elements into one “column” it somehow looks more interesting.

‘The Foundry’ staircase visualization

  December 4 “Small installation that visualizes consumer data on staircases in Google’s experience centre ‘The Foundry’ in Dublin.”  

By Nicole Eisenman


  December 3 http://senseable.mit.edu/treepedia A visualization of tree coverage in different cities across the world.

By Nicole Eisenman

Trend of personal vis

Today when I opened Reddit I just saw a bunch of people posting this visualization with their own income data. More interesting than the visualization itself I think is that someone posting a visualization of their personal data sparked such… Continue Reading →

Algorithms Tour

  December 2 Data visualization is used to explain complicated algorithms. Check out the full article here.

Social Circles of Primary Caregivers

source: https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/files/2015/03/Presentation2.jpg I like the design of this visualization as circles have been used for different levels of care givers. It is appropriate to add level of closeness from the rings.

Ring Visualization: HIV

source: http://angelirawat.blogspot.ca/ Ring visualization is useful for data which increase over time as outer rings can accommodate more information. This visualization does not use that concept as each circle shows the constant size. The length of the circle cannot compare as… Continue Reading →

Global Flows of Agriculture and Forestry Feedstocks

source: https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/category/data-visualization/ The design use appropriate to visualize a flow. I like the colour combination. Flows with larger with send behind the small with flows. It helpful to follow the flow.

N.Korea NUCLEAR Power

source: http://www.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-nuclear-weapons/ I like this visualization as it shows detail information about different types of nuclear weapons own by N. Korea and the their maximum range on a map. If the country is spread across a large area on the world,… Continue Reading →

Nuclear warheads in the world

source: http://nationalpost.com/news/world/north-korea-is-just-the-tip-of-the-stockpile-here-are-all-the-nuclear-warheads-in-the-world-visualized I liked this visualization as it clearly indicates the size of nuclear weapons ownership by countries. It indicates that North Korea is only one country which own nuclear warheads. The visualization has used red to highlight the N. Korea… Continue Reading →

Who has NUKES

source: http://nationalpost.com/news/graphics/world-nuclear-graphic I like the design of this visualization. However, it is very difficult to read the information. Similar colour has been used more than one country. Also, different types of Nukes cannot compared easily. Space in the ring has been… Continue Reading →

Do you think President Obama should apologize for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/05/13/national/majority-see-no-need-for-obama-to-apologize-for-atomic-bombing-of-hiroshima-and-nagasaki-japan-times-poll/#.WiIJhkqnFPY This visualization is simple. The expected audience is general public who read the newspaper. Thus, using a simple visualization is helpful to convey the message. I like that the total is presented using pie graph. Using legend close to… Continue Reading →

Pulp Pavilion

http://ball-nogues.com/#project-250 Los Angeles-based studio Ball-Nogues designed a production process where a blend of pulp, water and pigment was sprayed onto a three-dimensionally woven lattice of natural rope, hardening into a rigid, self-supporting matrix that is much lighter than materials of comparable strength. They… Continue Reading →


I couldn’t get this to fit in my screen for a screenshot, so here’s a link. It shows the different languages spoken in NYC. It’s sort of colourful and fun, and I’m interested to see what a similar map of… Continue Reading →

Coffee vs Tea

Coffee!! I’ve been drinking like three cups per day for the last week or so. I wonder how much I’d have to drink to bump us up to the next category hehe.


This graph highlights bitcoin as being worth more than the UK’s pound. Interesting! Still not totally sure I understand how bitcoin works and it baffles me that it’s still such a big thing. (From r/dataisbeautiful)

Slacking Off to Rushing like Mad

The above image shows the number of commits I’ve made over the course of the semester for my info vis project. As you can tell, I get extremely inspired for little things, get super busy, and stop working on it… Continue Reading →

Work Slack Analytics

I find this image absolutely hilarious because it completely shows when people have midterms/assignments due, and when everyone decides to come into work. The red line shows private messages, and the purple show public messages. As you can see, near… Continue Reading →

Detailed Color Strata

(http://coolinfographics.com/blog/tag/words) I remember that Sheelagh showed something similar in class, but I thought this was much more detailed. I don’t have much use for something like this, as interesting as it is, but the next time a friend argues about… Continue Reading →

Adventure and Discovery

(https://www.visualcinnamon.com/2017/03/my-journey-into-dataviz.html) I was looking around for motivation for entries, when I stumbled across this woman’s website. While her website itself does not provide any information about information visualizations, it talks about her journey and what she loved about what she… Continue Reading →

World Representation

(https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cf/f8/89/cff889949cbe5d2a35e3e046aa259276–web-design-trends-data-visualization.jpg) I found this picture while looking for world visualizations since I’m working on something similar for work. This shows how the world population is divided. I find it incredibly interesting actually that about a quarter of the world’s population… Continue Reading →

Beauty in Presentation

(https://www.howtoforgivepeople.com/how-to-overcome-emotional-dependency) I went through a phase in my life a couple years ago where I was extremely dependent on people (even more so than I am now). I remember looking at this site, and actually having it have a huge… Continue Reading →

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